"Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you" 1 Peter 5:7

  • God has given us access to many schools in our community. Campus Life Bible studies are now happening on 5+ campuses!
    Estimates are as high as 185 kids a week studying scripture at their school.

  • The mentoring shop is going up . . . slowly, but it is happening. The trusses and roof should be on soon. There are many young people that are looking forward to this space being available. Just this Sunday (and nearly every Sunday), we had nine young men and women receiving motorcycle training and talking about Jesus. Each of them has worked on their bike with Dane or a YFC mentor. This building will be a HUGE asset for the ministry. Thank you community partners for your support!

  • Bike Redistribution Project Starting this month UVBO (Umpqua Valley Bicycle Outreach) is
    empowering youth from all over the community,
    sharing truth with them while working
    shoulder to shoulder and impacting lives...1 bicycle at a time.

  • How it works

    Karen knew of a family who needed a bicycle. She went to the UVBO Facebook page & filled out a request form. A local youth apprentice refurbished a donated bicycle for community service. Karen was then able to give the bicycle to the family.

    Karen’s desire to help a family in need led to a youth performing community service while learning valuable trade skills and hearing the Gospel.

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