Happy Independence day!! 

We hope you were able to spend time with your families reflecting on the many blessings God has given to this great country.


Thoughts From One of Our Board Members

  • Hello, my name is Michael Rodriguez. I have been volunteering for YFC for about four years and have been serving as a board member for the last year. I am very thankful to volunteer for an organization that pours itself out for our youth. The YFC motto, “For every kid, one at a time” is especially important to me. I really appreciate working with a team that has a huge vision, yet with the intention to reach that vision one kid at a time.

  • One of my main goals for YFC is to be better connected with its supporters and the community.  As I sat through board meetings, hearing about the incredible things that God is doing, I felt a great need to bridge the gap between those who have partnered with us and the fruit of YFC. I wanted our supporters to experience those stories the same way I did.

  • The board met several times to discuss different ways to reach our supporters. Our labor has resulted in a variety of great ways to experience the fruit of YFC. From YouTube testimonies to mobile newsletters, we are working hard to make it possible for our community to interact with us and to see what God is doing. 

  • Click here to see all the hard work we have done!

  • Call to action!!

    We have a great need for more volunteers! There are hundreds of youth in our community who do not have a single positive influence around them. They simply need someone in their life who cares enough to share their time and the truth of God’s Word with them. We also have opportunities to volunteer in leadership positions. Contact us for more info.





  • City Life

    God provided this 12 passenger van!

    Thank you Colby Lemings Automotive Specs for the free tune up and more. Way to give LIFE to your business!

  • City Life

    In these chairs 5 incarcerated youth engaged in conversation about who Jesus claimed to be, and heard the Gospel.

  • Both local bike shops help expand City Life’s bicycle outreach & influence by...

  •  ...providing great deals on quality Park BMX bikes!

  • Wellspring members gave us a great deal on this 18ft trailer. Jaco is heading up our ministry called Umpqua Valley Bicycle Outreach (UVBO).  We use this ministry opportunity to teach kids the skills required to rebuild and tune up bicycles. After the greasy work is finished, Jaco takes these kids for bike rides and adventures. Having a trailer like this will be very helpful for bike storage and transportation. We also have plans to build shelves inside the trailer, creating a mobile bike shop. This would allow Jaco to take his disciples to places like UCAN and provide bike tune-ups for those in need! Doesn't that sound like a great community ministry opportunity? Jaco gives these kids the skills to repair bikes, then those kids use their skills to serve the community. 

  • Contact Jaco to get involved and partner in God's work locally through City Life:

    (386) 479 - 4520

    [email protected]




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