City Life is a ministry of Youth For Christ that engages our communities often overlooked and forgotten youth. Through life on life mentoring, holistic skills coaching, and fun group activities, we persue our at-risl and high-risk youth. City Life hopes to see all youth get a real chance to succeed in life, and come into contact with life-long relationships with Jesus through local church members.




Rose School

ROSE SCHOOL IS THE MOST AMAZING..... Many youth get to encounter life-long

  • Casa De Belen provides homeless teens, homeless families with a teen in the family dynamic, and homeless teenage parents with a safe place to create and implement a vision for a positive future that includes independent living, self-sustainability, and constructive involvement in the community.

    City Life officially began investing into the youth at Casa de Belen in 2016, but has been volunteering in the facility since 2013. As time progressed, a bicycle program known as Umpqua Valley Bicycle Outreach was born and was officially named in September 2016.

    Bigger than the bicycle program is the mentor/mentee relationships that City Life and Casa de Belen advocate for. Youth For Christ's 3 story mentorship to discipleship friendships are bearing fruit, and this in the DNA of Youth For Christ. City Life is the syringe by which 3 Story is injected into Casa de Belen's existing mentor program.